Workum The picturesque old City of Workum has much to deliver. It is a little town of one of legendary “Eleven towns” with a lot of beautiful monuments and a colorful mixture of culture, under what atelier and gallery. Further there is the wellknow and in 2001 enlarged “Jopie Huisman” Museum a visit more then worth. Today in Workum are still 5 pottery active.



If you like watersports or not the surrounding is fabulous to relax, is an ideal place to stay for a weekend or a week to celebrate your holiday.

Workum is the starting point of a beautiful sightseeing excursion to Hindeloopen (Museum “Hidde Nijland Stiftung), Makkum (“Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum”). By bike or by car o you can take the 25 kilometer longest culture historic “Aldfaers Erf Route” tour..
Makkum Hindeloopen